META Modern Strategies

Modern Strategies Next-generation thinking applies to real estate just as much as any other profession. Those who do not apply this kind of thinking will be left behind.

FACT 94% of buyers are starting their home searches online.
STRATEGY 100% of properties should be online, and ubiquitous as possible.

Naturally, the properties start out on and Zoocasa, but everyone does that. But you also must put them on Craiglist and Kijiji and HomeFinder and Facebook Marketplace and Point2 Homes and even Mondinion (an International listing service), plus any other site-du-jour that increases the property’s visibility.


FACT Two-thirds of all Internet users are now on social media.
STRATEGY Develop and maintain a strong social network, driving more and more viewers TO your business.

Marketing of the future lies in social media – like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Bloggingand the future is already upon us. No longer the frivolous time-waster of teenagers and office workers, social media has become a powerful business tool for branding and exposure, and modern real estate agents in Mississauga are doing their clients a disservice if they are not unleashing their brand upon the socially-networked masses.
I have worked hard to establish a presence in the Mississauga social media stratosphere – with my popular info service “MississaugaSusi” on Twitter, my “MississaugaSusi” real-estate blog, my Facebook business account, and my wide assortment of YouTube videos – and every home I list becomes exposed to that ever-growing environment.


FACT Traditional newspaper advertising of properties is becoming less and less effective.
STRATEGY Maintain status quo; find additional advertising outlets to complement newspaper advertising.

Yes, it is true that the newspaper advertising of a property is contributing less and less to the eventual sale of the home, but to remove it from the marketing equation entirely is a mistake. There are still a large percentage of potential buyers who look at newspaper advertising even if the centralization of their search is on the Internet. In addition, personally, if I have attracted a buyer from my newspaper ad and that person has no representation, then because of the “double-ender”, I would reduce my commission, putting more money in my client’s pocket.
(Agents that do not advertise in the paper are just saving their own money. If they are a full-service Realtor (i.e. receiving 2.5% commission), and they are NOT newspaper advertising, then as a client, I would have some concerns.)

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